Lars Wallin

2011-06-14 @ 23:02:27

Continuing my cultural trip around Stockholm’s hottest museums and exhibitions, I swung by Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde to check out couture designer Lars Wallin’s show Fashion Stories.

The exhibition was amazing! It was a vast showcase of 150+ garments including some gorgeous accessories as well.

There was also a tremendous range. I especially enjoyed the costumes section which showcased garments designed and worn by celebrities during concerts, dramatic performances and endless redcarpet walks. One of my favorite pieces was in fact this one, I couldn’t help but fall for the big dramatic feather and glitter hat. The exhibition was an absolute must see so if any of my fellow jet setters feel like stopping by Stockholm I would strongly advise you to check it out.

Time Travel

2011-06-11 @ 12:01:15

Walking down the streets of Stockholm felt almost like taking a trip through time. The buildings were old and classical almost even romantic as I imagine Paris.

I stopped by Östermalmshallen which is a 19th century food market. Yum, there I treated myself to a viciously delicious cinnamon bun.

Everything looked picture perfect!

Wang Jianwei

2011-06-09 @ 03:53:41

After my recent visit to artist Wang Jianwei’s studio, it was fun to see the final product of his finished works exhibited at the Ullens gallery.

Yellow Signal, as the exhibition is titled has been shown in four seperate chapters in order to show an evolving process. Yellow Signal is about the familiar yellow traffic light and how it is both a signal and signifier. Resting in between red and green, the yellow light also shows permission and prohibition. Lately this has been a very hot topic among Chinese artists who continue to push the boundaries themselves, not only on permission and prohibition but also as to what can be considered art. In this exhibition Wang Jianwei shows that he is not afraid to explore different medias as his exhibition was comprised of film, furniture, and other installations. I loved the fun and funky geometric cabinets!

Su Zhiguang

2011-06-09 @ 03:52:33

In the “Curated by…” section of the Ullens gallery was the exhibition In Drift by emerging Chinese artist Su Zhiguang. Su uses the unlikely material of dust as both a medium and metaphor, a substance symbolic of the fluidity and chaos of China’s modern cities. Every image is a summary of a unique individual perspective. The artwork showed subtle delicately detailed images that were hidden underneath a thin layer of dust.

Li Hui

2011-06-05 @ 08:15:10

At the Ullens Gallery in 798 art district artist Li Hui put on a show of futuristic light sculptures entitled V. “His dazzling special effects are the stuff of science fiction; his themes eternal”- Jérôme Sans. V acts as a brief glimpse into an unfathomable, inexpressible, terrifying post-human future which seems only suitable as Li Hui “believe[s] in mental communication rather than verbal explanation”.

Personally, I’m a big fan of pink and couldn’t help but love the exciting flashes of dazzling light. The atmosphere was intense like no other; set against a pitch black isolated backdrop.

CAFA Art Museum

 2011-06-05 @ 06:14:55

Yesterday I stopped by the Central Academy of Fine Art’s Museum in order to check out their latest collection from the Uffizi Gallery. There was a variety of painting genres including landscapes, still life and portrait paintings.

The collection of the Uffizi Gallery was large featuring artists such as the world famous Titian, Botticelli and Tintoretto.

There was also an exhibition on The Soul of a Nation-Revolutionary and Historical Themes in Painting on display in the gallery above which I accidentally stumbled upon. I just can’t believe the vast size of these galleries!