A Saturday in Stockholm

Tomas & Me
Hello friends, meet my new fabulous acquaintance, Tomas Cederlund from the TV series Simon & Tomas’s Sveriges Fulaste Hem [Sweden’s ugliest homes]. For all you Swedes out there I seriously suggest you take a look as it deals with home makeovers and interior decorating tips.

Their fabulous store, London W8, in downtown Stockholm

The entrance to the Royal Swedish Opera House
Ladies, and gentlemen, may I introduce you to the prestigious Royal Swedish Opera House, located in downtown Stockholm. Not only did I see it from the outside but also had the pleasure of a backstage tour!

The view from stage
Fun fact: The stage floor is slanted 4%. When the opera house was first built in the 1800s, stage design was certainly not as advanced as it is now, many operas and ballets relied on 2D backdrops to set the scene. In order to get a more realistic and lifelike set the floor was slanted to make it appear more 3d and add depth. It was and still is much more convenient for the audience who can see the entire stage with ease. Supposedly it’s very difficult for a ballerina who practices on a non-slanted floor.

I came, I saw,  and I even conquered the many gowns, dresses and costumes.

Say what!?! That’s right, I found what my future home will look like :) Simon and Tomas fasten your seat belts! The decor of the opera house was a dream! The high ceilings, the intricate details, are simply gorgeous.

Right next to the opera is the Swedish Dance Museum. I popped in for a visit as there was an exhibition on historical dance costumes from around the world.

I love this pink costume because of its colorful applique.

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