I stopped by to see the ‘Power of Fashion – 300 years of clothing’ exhibition. I loved the section on the historical garments, there was even a video showing the exhausting process of putting on one of those drop dead gorgeous Victorian gowns. The show featured clothes from different eras and from all over the world with a smaller section on the more contemporary clothes as shown above.

What an amazing building the Nordiska museum is, it is truely a gigantic space, way too big to fit on my camera!

While wandering around the museum, getting lost in the large building, I stumbled upon this fantastic mini exhibition on traditions and customs. As you can see above, my dining room was featured with my hard working servants Henri and Louis :) Oh I wish!

The balcony of the museum had a terrific view! Here is Strandvägen where I stopped by after to check out the design store Svenskt Tenn. Honestly I LOVE Strandvägen, I mean imagine what a great view I would have, looking right out at the water and Nordiska! I like :)


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