Christmas Spirit

2010-12-28 @ 04:35:31

The Christmas spirit was bursting at Paragon. Rather obvious when seeing the decorated golf cart labelled “Christmas Carnival”. Decorated with extra fluff, glitter, and jingles with two silver reindeers leading the way.

This amazing dress was also on display. It was gigantic, even bigger than the naan I ate last night! Caught in an exquisite winter wonderland she bore a beautiful gold evening dress decorated with hundreds of golden bells.

The party was really happening with a full setup of DJ equipment. But it was Christmas music that was blasted all over the shopping mall.

Getting into the spirit of Christmas, I posed with several beautiful presents and packages. Reow, the gorgeous dress I’m wearing was designed by none other than myself. What do you all think? Could I be the next Pucci designer?

Many of you were asking where the dress I wore to Emporium came from, guilty as charged, that was designed and sewn by me :) Gorgeous and perfect for the Bangkok heat.


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