2010-12-26 @ 19:22:52

‘What is Design?’ was the exhibition on display at the Thailand Creative & Design Center. The exhibition was a fusion of several different cultures and their various design marvels. There were so many nice things on display!

This delicate silk robe (2008) was designed by Somchai Kaewthong. It was such a sweet, tender combination of finely shaped flowers and soft, rich fabric.


In the Italian section was this charming vespa. All that was missing was a handsome and dashing young Italian man who could take me on a ride with this enchanting vehicle.

In an ecstasy of tamagotchi toys and other small trinkets that all reminded me of my dear home Tokyo, I found this sharp dress shirt designed by none other then Comme des Garçons. Fabulous! It’s so Japanese!

In the British section I fell for this fashionable jeans jacket. Although Vivienne Westwood was and is still renowned as one of the central figures in the Punk Movement and the style revolution of the 1970’s I found this jacket filled with a quiet sophistication that was screaming my name.


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