New Year’s & Beach Fun

2011-01-03 @ 16:13:48

Fun in the sun couldn’t be more true than right now. After a long time coming, I am finally taking a well deserved vacation from the fabulous life, recuperating in the sun! Leaving the dreary, cold winter days of Beijing far behind I’m ready to never return until the weather has changed. Yikes, checking the weather, I’m suppossed to be in the misery of -10 to 0 Celcius right now, but have cheated fate by flying to Thailand. Today was somewhere around 33 Celcius, perfection! My pale face has finally begun to get some color.

The trees, leaves and bushes are all beautifully ripe in their fantastic bright green colors. I love palm trees! Having grown up surrounded by them it’s hard to resist their inevitable charm, perhaps that’s why Los Angeles is my favorite city in the US. Home to the palm trees! However, the air is fresh here, wonderful and warm.

I have even found an island to declare my own! Gorgeous and mysterious resting in its solitude.

The sunset is absolutely amazing here! Painted in its heavenliness, glaring with such intensity.


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