Opening of Ullens Latest Exhibition & Switch!

2011-01-17 @ 15:52:20

Original photograph taken by: Ren Hang

This Saturday I had the pleasure of being a plus one to the opening of new exhibitions at UCCA/Ullens in 798 Art District. The latest addition included Qiu & Ren Hang’s photographic exhibition Inner Ear, which showcased two different young Chinese photographers working in significantly different styles. The exhibition displayed some truly unique pieces that inspired a different outlook on both human interactions and self-isolation in the case of Ren Hang’s work.

Original photograph taken by: Ren Hang

Original photograph taken by: Qiu

Qiu’s work consisted of a series of black and white photographs that explored classic photography that featured elements characteristic of film noir. As poetic stills, these images become observations of a world that has become almost unknown to city folk. Pictures of serene trees, skies, butterflies and distant mountains.

Another series of works are that of Ling Jian’s Moon in Glass collection, all works purposefully featuring circular shapes in order to create spacial illusions that lead to infinite visual continuity. There were several mirrors within the space that created an interaction between the viewer and viewed works. With meticulous detail and skill applied, the painted canvases become as photographic as that of the printed mirrors.


After drinks at the reception and a tour given by UCCA Director Jérôme Sans, it was time to finish the day with a delicious lunch at Ullens’s restaurant Switch! I munched on Rösti with a super fresh salad as well and to beat the cold sipped on my favorite tea, jasmine. It was such an amazing day!



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