Yuanfen Gallery

2011-07-05 @ 07:30:16

I just had the rare opportunity to visit one of David Ben Kay’s (康如松) residences which is located in the popular 798 Art District neighborhood.

The house which is used both as a mansion and entertaining venue is also used as a gallery displaying art by selected artists. It is a masterpiece, filled with exclusive and quirky art and decor as well as several statement pieces of furniture designed by David Ben Kay (康如松) himself.

The Renaissance sculptor and painter Michelangelo’s David appeared to play a vital role in the decor. A plastic chair made in the shape of David’s severed nose stood as a center piece and a large sideboard made of marble in admiration of his lips.

Here you can see the ever so lovely David in pink however, with his missing lips, nose, and ear.

As I was exploring the house/gallery there was also a photoshoot/ photo-installation by French visual artist Niko de La Faye that was being documented. Exciting!


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