At Tage Andersen’s

2011-07-30 @ 12:06:46

Back in Copenhagen again, and jetlagged like crazy, I figured a day out would help me deal with it. I went to Tage Andersen’s boutique in Ny Adelgade 12. Entering the Tage Andersen world of magic, I was met by a surrounding that was quite surreal. The boutique and museum was filled with a wide range of beautiful flowers and even several exotic birds that chirped most theatrically in the background. I especially fell in love with these two light green small parrots!

After walking through the magical boutique, I ended up in this beautiful pavilion just outside in the courtyard. Nature’s paradise.

The pavilion was just as exotic and tropical as the boutique itself featuring soft, small waterfalls with goldfish swimming freely inside.

It was a bit like taking a trip back in time to a lovely romantic setting filled with candles and opera music tinkering in the background. Not only were the flower arrangements carefully designed by Mr. Andersen himself but also much of the furniture used and displayed within the boutique.

Everything was in symbiosis with a true rustic feel to it. It could just as well have been a chic Parisian apartment and I am ready to move in straight away!

Love, love, love!


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