Louis Vuitton Voyages

2011-07-21 @ 18:25:40

At the National Museum of China (!), I stopped by to see the Louis Vuitton Voyages exhibition which runs until August 30th. The exclusive fashion brand of luxury suitcases showed promise as it raved to show hundreds of handmade luggage.

The exhibition did not let down! It wowed me completely, not only by the sheer size of the show but also the range of items on display. Customized luxury suitcases for every imaginable activity and whim, including features necessary only for camping,

It was a Parisian wonderland, showing the art of classic luxury living!

While strolling down the infinite lanes of extravagant and lavish goods, I couldn’t keep myself from daydreaming of another time when these beautiful works were in legitimate use. Imagining a Maharaja travelling in style with his personalized shaving kit in hand as he steps onto a fine coal fuelled steam boat. What a lovely escape, it felt as if I were along for his and many other glamorous celebrities’ journeys around the world.

Some pieces were simply too cute for words! However, a common thread between the work was that everything was extremely well planned and practical. I certainly would have loved to have one of these cases when I was younger!

The exhibition focused not only on its glorious, successful past but also the brand’s transition through the years. Staying in touch with the latest technology, this ultra modern case guarantees safe travelling with your most precious cargo, an iPod with a fierce base.

I appreciate and absolutly love what the Louis Vuitton brand did with their display. Not only did the exhibition act as a small history lesson but also as a big celebration for the Parisian brand, which was founded in 1854. What a triumphant success!

Fireworks set the mood.


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