Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

2011-08-02 @ 11:10:10

Movie Poster, Cleopatra, 1963.

Stopped by the art museum Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek to check out their latest exhibition Cleopatra’s World. I am a die hard fan of Cleopatra in general, including all of the films and books so I was really excited to see what was going to be on show.

The Lion Goddess Mehit and the God Onuris-Shu.

The Priest Hori with a Statue of the God Horus.

The exhibition was rather small but large enough to provide a glimpse into the ancient world of Egyptian art. One day I would absolutely love to go to Egypt and explore everything in its authentic setting!

Two Men Catching Birds. Boy Playing with Animals, limestone with inlays, 4th Dynasty, c. 2550 BC.

Yum! The Glyptotek is rather large so I took a break mid through wandering the long halls filled with art. I had a delicious prosciutto and rucola sandwich with pesto. It was so refreshing in the summer heat, the perfect light lunch!

The Glyptotek was covered in fine embellishment and detailing stretching from the marble floor to the stucco ceilings. I especially fell for these panther details on the staircases. Fierce! I have a matching panther ring so why not match it with these dramatic features?

Nerva, Roman Emperor, 96 – 98

The Ancient Rome exhibition may be a permanent fixture at the museum but as powerful as ever. The large marble statues never fail to get me excited! Ancient societies have such a power over me, I get weak to my knees with butterflies.


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