Rosenborg Castle

2011-07-31 @ 23:32:34

One thing that is for certain is that I will never stop appreciating the fine art of extravagant and historic castles! My not so secret love! Stopped by the renaissance Rosenborg Castle located in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.  It was built in the Dutch Renaissance style which was typical of Danish buildings during this period.

The castle was used by Danish regents as a royal residence until around 1710. Its decor is simply to die for! I loved everything I saw inside, including the chandeliers, carpets, paintings, furniture, and wall paper.

Located in the Long Hall which was originally intended as a ballroom is the coronation chair of the absolutist kings and the throne of the queens with the three silver lions standing in front.

Bling! Clearly my royal jewelry collection needs an upgrade in order to keep up with this bad boy seen displayed in the royal treasury.

The decor was big, dark and dramatic. With the renaissance being an intellectual transformation and cultural movement, it encompassed a flowering of literature, science, art, religion, and politics.

I have decided that a knight’s armor is an absolute must when decorating my future home!

I’m ready to move in immediately! This is just my style.

Roar! This would naturally be my everyday uniform.


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