Palazzo Pitti

2011-08-07 @ 10:25:32

Rabarama, Co-stell-azione, Alluminio dipinto, 2002, 200 x 370 x 455 cm

Spent the entire day at the vast Palazzo Pitti. Within the large complex are several galleries such as the Royal Apartments, Gallery of Modern Art, Costume Gallery, Silver Museum, Porcelain Museum, Palatine Gallery, and the Carriages Museum. An entire day barely does the place justice. I am absolutely in love with the scadalous and notoriously rich Italian Medici family! They are the ones who built the incredible palace way back in 1457.

It can be rather exhausting being out and about as these two darlings clearly felt.

The Boboli Gardens was amazing, consisting of box hedges clipped into symmetrical geometric patterns and gorgeous large marble statues.

The Boboli Gardens offered a great view of the city!

Reow, my fascination for large chandeliers never seizes. This one was snapped inside the Royal Apartment.

Galleria Del Costume (Costume Gallery), the exhibition reflects the changing tastes in the courtly fashion of the late 18th century up to the 1920s.


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