Siri Derkert

2011-08-24 @ 12:05:09

Self-portrait with Parasol, 1916, Oil on canvas

What to do on a rainy day? Most people resort to staying in or going out only to stay indoors at another location than their home. I opted for heading out and went to the Modern Museum here in Stockholm which is currently showing a collection of artist Siri Derkert’s work. I’m not such a huge fan of cubist work but figured it could still be fun to see the work of an artist who’s paintings attributed to international modernism.

Works from her youth, cubist paintings, fashion drawings from the 1910s, profoundly psychological portraits of children and adults, drawings and later experiments with materials such as concrete, iron strips and clay are all featured.

It was fun to get out and explore the Modern museum but all in all Siri Derkert’s work was simply not my cup of tea. Instead I have a weakness for sensuous rococo paintings by artists such as Antoine Watteau, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, and many more. Reow, they’re easy on the eyes and very romantic.


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