L.K. Bennett Sample Sale

2011-11-06 @ 00:54:01

Oh what a lovely day I have had! Was a bit adventurous and went sample sale hunting, which lead me to the outskirts of London. Such a darling little town I ended up in! Either way it was there that I found the L.K. Bennett Sample Sale which had such great prices that it was difficult to resist leaving empty handed.

Think I found a hidden jem as unlike sample sales which lead to broken fingers and stampeded feet the crowds were rather mellow. Despite the bright pinks and purples that are seen on the garments in the picture above, there were great tailored pieces in more demure colors which could easily have been carried off as Dior if worked correctly. The one downside to sample sales are the petite sizes, however this may also have been due to the fact that I didn’t get up bright and early to be the first person bursting through the sale doors. Lesson learned, it requires claws and savy to get the best deals in town! Lucky for me though as I managed to snag a great pair of ridiculously hot suede heels! Success!


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