Liverpool Street

2011-10-08 @ 00:14:47

The Broadgate Tower

Spent a very cold afternoon on Liverpool Street, art hunting around the tall office buildings of the Broadgate Estate.

Xavier Corbero, 1988

Most of the art that I found were very architectural, which turned out to go extremely well with the formal office building surroundings. I especially like the rough, raw materials that were used in creating each art piece such as the rocks, marble, steel, and etc.

Love! These adorable bunnies popped up as I was strolling along Bishops Square. What a wonderfully cute surprise I found!

A true story about me and London would certainly have to be that me and the city pigeons do not get along. It’s them or me! Who remembers my duck incident? Yep, it’s that bad…

Despite the chilly day, I got a lovely view of some epic and exciting architecture!


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