London Zoo

2011-11-04 @ 00:52:38

[Pyjama Cardinalfish] “Fish in the sea you know how I feel, river running free you know how I feel”- Nina Simone

What fun is there if life is all work and no play? That’s why I couldn’t resist playing kid for the day by visiting the famous London Zoo to be captivated in oohing and ahhing over cute, fascinating creatures.

What’s not to love? There are adorable animals roaming around behind safe fences and safe distances which can sometimes be like travelling to another world. In the desert environment above you may face the uncertain threat of being attacked by an emu or wallabee but, fear not because Indiana Jones may come to your rescue.

It’s a quiet escape from city life and brings one slightly closer back to basics, nature.

Made another furry little friend, one which also happens to love a fellow Swede, Pippi Longstocking. How cute is this! This fur ball broke my heart when I couldn’t convince it to come home with me in my handbag. Another time perhaps… What a fabulous day!


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