Postmodernism at Victoria & Albert

2011-10-15 @ 01:50:49

Cinzia Ruggeri, Homage to Lévi-Strauss Dress, Autumn/Winter 1983-4

Fasten your seatbelts because it’s time to take a trip down memory lane. At least that was the feel when attending the exhibition Postmodernism, Style and Subversion 1970-1990 at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The pop culture theme was extremely strong almost borderline kitsch, but then again who can blame them as it was part of the trend/era. The postmodernism movement acted as a response to the perceived blandness, hostility, and Utopianism of the Modern movement.

Frank Schreiner for Stiletto, Consumer’s Rest Chair, 1990

The exhibition featured a lot of technical design developments that were happening during this movement in mainly architecture, furniture design, as well as advertising, music and a slight inclusion of fashion garments. It was an extremely interesting exhibition to see as it gave a lot of insight into various aspects of what it must have been like at that time. A favorite piece of mine would definitely have to be Frank Schreiner’s ‘Consumer’s Rest Chair’, what a neat idea! Who wouldn’t love to go shopping in one of these, I’d be seated like a queen!


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