Wool Modern

2011-10-01 @ 14:32:07

Julien Macdonald, Autumn/Winter 2010/11

Stopped by Wool Modern, an exhibition which showcased the very best in fashion and design with a focus on wool. The exhibition acted as a reminder to the world that wool is the fibre of choice for the most exciting and cutting edge designers and decorators. “It is used to inspire the next generaion of talent to embrace wool in their own work”- Nicholas Coleridge (Vice Chairman, The Campaign for Wool).

The exhibition was most appropriate as we are currently doing a textiles unit here at Central Saint Martins. What I have found is that there are so many exciting exhibitions going on here all the time, and that it can sometimes be difficult to have time for them all. Either way, it’s great for gathering inspiration and find new ways in which you can execute and manipulate your own work!

Louise Gray, Autumn/Winter 2010/11

Working with such organic materials as wool, the exhibition showcased some of the most diverse, sustainable and desirable designs with natural fibres. There was a great range in the exhibition from Yves Saint Laurent haute couture to more wearable garments and ready-to-wear.

Nasir Mazhar, July 2011

Sculpted, knitted, tailored, draped, embroidered or woven, the unifying thread is the remarkable use of wool in each piece. “I think it’s always so easy and kind to work with (wool), everything about it is comforting”- Nasir Mazhar.


2 thoughts on “Wool Modern

    • How exciting! I’m currently stuck with a textiles unit of which knitting is a part. I swear the knitting machine hates me. However, I have just taken up the needles and knitted my first scarf ever. Yes, I know, that was late…

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