Super secret sneak peak

Darlings, here comes a super secret sneak peak of my latest project. I’ve been working around the clock the last few days, but unfortunately can’t give away any more details. I’m really excited to see how it’s developing. What do you think?

The Natural History Museum

Not only is the Natural History Museum situated in a gorgeously dramatic building, but it also happens to be my latest source of inspiration. I’m currently working on a project which explores the relationship of networks and spines. Sound intriguing? Well, the museums many dinosaur skeletons may come in handy although I’d like to think of myself as a little less predictable than that. Truth is that this museum may just hold the key to a new conquest! Exciting!

Room 46b: Cast Courts, Victoria & Albert

I believe the late Etta James said it best- I Just Want To Make Love To You. Turns out the exhibition featuring my darling David is still under construction. I can’t wait to see how it turns out but knowing the V & A it will probably be amazing.

What looks like one hot mess will become beautifully styled in a while. Room 46b: Cast Courts is currently under renovation but is otherwise there to provide an introduction to the history of European sculpture through plaster casts of the most celebrated examples of art.

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Now this is what I call a tiara! The gorgeous sparkler is from about 1850 and is still in such a beautiful condition that I’d say it’s good enough to wear. Drool!

The V&A can truly act as living proof that heaven is a place on earth! Glittering tiaras, silver lions, and golden frames with amazing oil on canvas paintings. My favorite sections would certainly have to be jewelry, silver, mini portraiture (love, such incredible craftmanship!), theatre and performance, all of the fashion galleries, and Grecian statues.

The galleries are such a lovely place to gather inspiration and just bask in the work of true masters! Needless to say, I’m ready to move in on a permanent basis!

Christian Lacroix Papier

The ever so fabulous French designer Christian Lacroix can now add a papier collection to his already impressive résumé. Known for his use of extravagant embellishments, and flamboyant combinations of images, color, and pattern, his beautiful notebooks are just that. The collection also includes sketchbooks, journals and correspondence cards, something that is an absolute treat to find in the mailbox!  Drowning in luxury and Lacroix!

China Town

What’s life without a bit of adventure and new experiences?

Had my fair share as I ventured into China Town in Leicester Square and ended up tasting Peking Duck for the first time. Thankfully and much to my relieved surprise it tasted just like chicken. I’ve officially survived another experience! And who knows what I might try next.

Roasting away is one of the lucky ducks that I had the pleasure of tasting… DRAMA!

London Vintage Fashion, Textiles, Accessories Fair

Took a rather tedious journey to Hammersmith today. The only reason I say tedious is because several tube stations were closed and there were severe delays with the trains due to signal failure. The many joys of the London transport system!

Other than transport problems, I had a wonderful day spent at the London Vintage Fashion, Textiles, and Accessories Fair. A great place for getting inspired and taking a look at various collections of some truly glamorous pieces.

As with any fair, it is easy to get carried away and end up coming home with a truck load of boudoir feathers and maxing out your credit cards in the spirit of a themed lifestyle. I know, tempting isn’t it?

So I must warn, not a place to be tackled by the weak hearted. There’s glitter and glitz at every turn.

As per usual I couldn’t resist coming home without a few trinkets in my bag. Just add clip-on-earrings as a new experience for me…

Lucky for those of you who missed it, there’s another one right around the corner on February 19th.