Christian Lacroix Papier

The ever so fabulous French designer Christian Lacroix can now add a papier collection to his already impressive résumé. Known for his use of extravagant embellishments, and flamboyant combinations of images, color, and pattern, his beautiful notebooks are just that. The collection also includes sketchbooks, journals and correspondence cards, something that is an absolute treat to find in the mailbox!  Drowning in luxury and Lacroix!


6 thoughts on “Christian Lacroix Papier

  1. Nice to meet you. I’ve heard about you. I love fashion. I wanna go to fashion world as my job.
    Your blog is so cool and attractive for me. I’m looking forward to your new post and please teach me fashion world.

    • Great to hear from you. I’m so glad that you like my blog, you’re more than welcome. How was Paris? Great, I assume. As you might have heard I moved to London from Beijing. Here I study fashion and textiles. I love every minute but miss home and Tokyo from time to time. It’s great that my parents moved back so I can visit. I’m already looking forward to go back again. Keep in touch!

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