Life in the designer lane

Back in elementary school, I started taking design classes as an after school activity. The school offered t-shirt painting, and my t-shirts could basically stand by themselves after I was done decorating them. I don’t quite remember, but I would assume they would have looked something like this although they were 100 % cotton. (photo snapped at 798 art district, Beijing) Image

When I have given talks to middle and high school students about design and my life as an aspiring fashion designer, I have come to realize that the perception of what goes down does not necessarily correspond with what most teenagers think, or rather wish for. Life in the designer lane is often far from glamorous.  


Ides, ideas, ideas… Keeping up with trends at the office.


Part of the job is to scavenge the fabric markets for high quality silk as well as other fabrics.


It is about teamwork and


patternmaking and


sewing machines that do not necessarily cooperate.


It is also cutting,




and making alterations.


It is about making your own samples


and ending up with a product you are pleased with and can stand by. It might look like this


or like this. These are linneabylinneanilsson designs.


7 thoughts on “Life in the designer lane

  1. I was involved in the fashion industry with my own shop where I designed and made most of the clothes. It is a far from glamourous life, but it can be a lot of fun and I met some great people who are still friends. I now do a bit of backstage work at fashion parades which is a lot of fun (and ironing)

    • Yes, it is great fun and can be glamorous too, for like ten minutes minutes. I have only had one show in Beijing and it was great. I have also had a couple of exhibitions. I found those more rewarding as I was exposed for one night and the other was for several days. Might be my future plan as I saw some interesting ways of showing clothes from Berlin. It’s time for Fashion Week again. I’m off tonight, London’s Friday.

      (Ahh, ironing, I used to love that, and steaming too… That was back in the day.)

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