London Fashion Week- Central Saint Martins MA Show 2012

It’s officially that time of year again, it’s London Fashion Week at Somerset House! Exciting! Time to put on your finest wardrobe selection and head out on the town.

It’s day one of London Fashion Week and of course the Central Saint Martins MA show is a priority. What kind of student would I be if I didn’t go check out my future stomping ground!

Lights, camera, action. The much anticipated show started about 15 minutes late but that’s hardly anything to complain about when getting a first hand look at the young talents work.

The show had a lot of variety with lots of different view points. Some student’s work focused more on performance art fashion pieces, architecture and fine art, while others were more sportswear in their construction and fabric choices. Clearly I enjoyed some student’s work more than others as the standards were very different. Minimalism, fetishism, and I’d certainly say environmental, political, human rights issues were a hot source of inspiration for certain designers.

Having a bad hair day? Have no fear as the solution is now near, no need to wear a paper bag over your head as one designer came up with these nifty little things. However, I’m not so convinced that they would be practical on a day to day basis.

The show didn’t go without a bit of drama as one of the girls took a fall and broke her shoe midway through the show. Poor soul handled it as gracefully as one can in such a situation. Ouch!

All in all, what an experience! It’s always fun to see runway shows live but this one was a bit extra special when seeing my fellow CSM students works. And, who knows perhaps in a few years time my work may be walking down the very same runway…


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