Datong and Yungang grottoes

Nothing truly exciting going on here apart from working towards a portfolio deadline. Instead of sharing my agony, I will bring you on a spiritual trip.  


Highway… (as if this wouldn’t be shared agony)


Datong is located west of Beijing, in northern Shanxi Province. Apart from its mining and heavy industries, it is famous for the Yungang grottoes, Cloud Ridge Caves, with its rock-cut architecture in sand-stone.



There are more than 50,000 carved images and statues of Buddha and boddhisatvas, the biggest measuring about 13-15 meters.


The site has over 250 grottoes with stone carvings from the 5th and 6th centuries.



In the future this site will probably look more like a theme park as there were, as always in China, quite a lot of construction going on in the area. Today the site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, representing early Chinese cave art.


Datong’s climate is a continental, monsoon-influenced steppe climate, meaning that summers are hot, while winters are cold, dry and long. Something to consider when packing. Forget about high heels.



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