Weekend Drink

Take a second out of your busy lives and just enjoy a moment! Jazzed up my day with this fabulous drink that I created, granted it’s very similar to a mojito. Reow so here’s how I did it:

Ingredients: Fresh lime, cucumber, mint leaves, water (could be sparkling or flat) *if daring, water can be replaced by your choice of liqueur.

1. Slice the fresh lime in half and then press into juice in a fancy glass

2. Wash mint leaves and pluck a few (c. 8-10 leaves) and place in the fancy glass with lime juice in it

3. Finely slice a few (c. 2-4) circular pieces of cucumber and place in the fancy glass with lime and mint leaves in it

4. Add as much or as little water as you’d like, it really depends on how strong you like your drink

* If you want to jazz up your drink further you can sweeten it by adding a pinch of natural raw brown sugar or make it a bit more salty by salting the rim of your glass like a margarita! Yum! Enjoy and alter as best suits you.


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