The Louvre- Napoleon III’s Apartments

Welcome to the glorious Louvre! Not only is the exterior phenomenal, but I’ve also heard and now witnessed first hand that the interiors are rather impressive as well. What a wonderful day spent exploring the many long corridors of the famous museum!

Saw the iconic pyramid designed by architect I M Pei, which was opened in 1989. Fierce and truly iconic but is it really suiting against the backdrop of the gorgeous palace/museum grounds?

To start my journey through the Louvre I figured the only natural starting place would be Napoleon III’s apartments. After all the Louvre was originally a palace/castle/fortress and not a museum filled with some of the most impressive art.

Yes! Absolutely yes! Needless to say, I’m ready to move in immediately! If that turns out to be impossible, I should at least wish to have one of the chandeliers as a parting gift. Certainly something they should sell in their gift shop.


If I had to choose a favorite room it would have to be this one, the lovely salon. I suppose that back in the day the large room was used as a meeting place for the lovely people at court where they could converse and have a cup of tea, should they fancy one. I don’t think it’s possible to get any closer to paradise than by standing right here.

Afraid of not getting invited to the dinner? Fear not as the table is long enough to fit in everyone.

And here are the lovely jewels that I would be prancing around my new living quarters wearing. Truth be told, I’d wear them all the time, everywhere as delicious jewelry like this doesn’t deserve to be left alone.

Never has it been more clear that my room needs a serious facelift. I’m in absolute awe of the infinite dazzling interiors. Here is a rather decorated make up table. As peculiar as it might seem isolated, in the right setting it could kill in its stylishness. I’m convinced I could work it into my room somehow even if it means replacing some furniture and centuries.


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