Painting at the Louvre

Painting at the Louvre, can there be any better place for it? While strolling down the long corridors I found several people standing with a canvas, paintbrush, and oil paints producing their own smaller masterpieces. Ahhh, the delicious smell of oil paints and turpentine certainly brought back memories but also made the gallery space come to life. There are so many amazing paintings that would be incredible to study with a paintbrush and in it’s fabulous environment none the less. Dabbling in art myself, it would be a challenge but very rewarding and exciting one.

Personally, I’d choose to study this painting by Jacques-Louis David entitled Les Sabines, 1799. The only difficulty would be conquering the vast size as it’s h.385, l.522! I’d like to give you all a very mature and reasoned explanation as to why just this one, but I can’t as the only reason would have to be that I have the hots for the javelin thrower. Reow! Whether or not you enjoy a strong powerful nude warrior, you at least have to admit that it’s an impressive painting. A real treasure. J’adore!


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