My Utopia

Now it’s true that I talk a lot about finding love and heavenly delights on an almost daily basis but striving after euphoria and finding one’s utopia shouldn’t be a bad thing. Whatever makes you happy! Buddha claimed that life is suffering and if so, shouldn’t we do everything possible to ease it by indulging ourselves? My philosophy is to enjoy the many wonders of the universe; see, hear, taste, and feel. When did deprivation ever lead to anything good?

At the delicious pâtisserie Gérard Mulot, I indulged all of my senses in the heavenly delights seen before you. As much as I wanted to taste them all, my wallet and waistline could only afford one. It was a difficult decision but I went with Amaryllis Passion, which was a large pistachio flavored macaroon with a passion creme center and plenty of framboise (raspberries)! As you can probably imagine it left me craving many, many more :P

If you’re ever in Paris, I strongly recommend you take the time to visit one of Mulot’s boutiques as it’s well worth the trip.


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