The Golden Gates of Versailles

Greetings from the Place of Versailles! I never imagined that I’d make it here but what a triumph! While approaching the magical golden gates I was in awe while it all felt extremely surreal. Like a clip out of the movie The Truman Show (1998) with Jim Carrey where it turns out everything was simply a facade.

I felt a sudden need to faint but also to scream with joy and excitement as it was all just a little too good to be true. Breathtakingly beautiful! The grand Hall of Mirrors was a true highlight, here 17 great mirrors face tall arched windows and infinite chandeliers fill the room. Spectacular!

Since Marie Antoinette no longer occupies her rooms at Versailles, I think it only natural that I be the next in line to live in and care for the lovely floral quarters. After the thousands of times that I’ve watched Sophia Coppola’s gorgeous film Marie Antoinette (one of my all time favorites) I think it only appropriate.

There are only a few awkward facts of history that I’ll have to get over before moving in to my new quarters. The fact that Marie Antoinette gave birth to her children publicly in front of a rather large royal entourage in this very same bed isn’t too comforting. Being the overly sensitive germaphobe that I am, I simply couldn’t handle the reality. An identical modern replica would please me much more.

I absolutely adore costume/period films! I’ve mentioned that Marie Antoinette is one of my favorites but lately I’ve been laughing myself senseless over French and Saunder’s 1999 sitcom Let Them Eat Cake. It’s set in 1782 at the fabulous Palace of Versailles and if you haven’t seen it yet I insist you give it a go! If anyone has any recommendations as to other fabulous costume/period films that I should watch, post a comment and we’ll see if there’s something I’ve yet to see. Exciting!

Now I wonder how I could procure one of these lovely palaces all to myself… mission impossible? As tacky as this might sound, I raided and purchase the entire gift shop which was filled with deliciously glamorous souvenirs in an attempt to recreate what I saw in the palace.


5 thoughts on “The Golden Gates of Versailles

  1. You are hilarious! Raided the gift shop… (“Exit through the gift shop”, I get it.) Hello dorm room, let me turn you into my fabulous Château de Versailles. Did you succeed or did you get stuck at Ladurée?

    I love your post and photos, as usual.

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