Vogue Festival

Ohlala, today was spent at the very first Vogue Festival here in London which is a two day event being held at the Royal Geographic Society.

The main goal was not only to celebrate Vogue, a magazine that all self-respecting fashionistas regard holier than the bible, but also to give a firsthand glance into the magical world of fashion, journalism, photography, beauty, and art.

After having seen the Diane Von Furstenberg: Journey of a Dress exhibition last year in Beijing at Pace Beijing gallery, I had high hopes for her presentation. Furstenberg did not fail in giving an inspiring speech about the highs and lows that lead her to the point where she is now, with a worldwide known fashion empire.

After Furstenberg’s presentation, it was fashion question time with British fashion designers Holly Fulton, Henry Holland, Roksanda Ilincic, Christopher Kane, Mary Katrantzou, and shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood. Each known for their unique point of view, the designers spoke about their individual expeditions to creating their brands. I picked up on a bunch of great insider knowledge and fed the ambitious entrepreneur in me.

Photographer David Bailey proved quite the ladies man as he flirted with Vogue features director Jo Ellison and frankly the entire crowd. He may be old enough to be my great grandfather but that proved little hindrance as the many girls in the audience were clearly charmed by his lighthearted, no-bullshit personality. We got to hear the hush-hush scandalous secrets and gossip that even shocked most of the Vogue staff. What one hears at the festival, stays at the festival…

All in all, it was a wonderful event that got everyone excited and fueled up. A great success and it’ll be fun to see what next year’s festival brings.


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