Hammersmith Vintage Fashion Fair

Love all things that sparkles? Then the monthly Hammersmith Vintage Fashion, Textiles, and Accessories Fair is certainly something for you. If you missed the one held today, there’s always next month, on the 20th of May. The trick is to do a few laps around all of the different booths so that you know what’s out there and get a better understanding of the prices. And, as long as it’s a deal that you’ll be pleased with at the end of the day, then go for it!

I channeled my inner diva by trying on a few super stylish sun glasses that I only wish I could have pulled off.

The jewelery section is always a highlight for me as the clothes are always in very tiny sizes and frankly, someone’s worn them before me. You may consider that snobbish but with my germophobia I simply couldn’t handle the idea. Although, on several occasions today, I was extremely tempted to overcome and conquer my fear, but to no avail.

With so many lovely things, it proved a real struggle deciding which few pieces to get. It can get a bit pricy as vintage is certainly becoming more popular. This is both a good and bad thing as it’s getting easier to get a hold of which is fabulous. The consequence with vintage being trendy, on the other hand, is that there are only limited treasures to circulate around so it’s becoming increasingly pricy and more desirable. Regardless, I left with a few finds that I was rather pleased with. What do you think? Très chic! I fell in love with both the pink necklace and the fierce green bracelet as I have rings that I got at last months fair that will match very well although they’re not a set. As for the panther bangle, who can resist animal themed warrior jewelery that sparkles? It makes one feel absolutely invincible! Of course I also have a ring that matches :)


4 thoughts on “Hammersmith Vintage Fashion Fair

  1. Loved this post. Just today I went to camden market to have a look! Vintage is my new fave thing. So many original one of a kind pieces. The sunglasses and jewelry from the pictures are absolutely fabulous. And I feel the same about clothes:) I’m sticking with vintage accessories:) XO

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