Designer Sample Sale

What better than a designer sample sale to keep one entertained on a rainy Friday afternoon? Held close to Bond Street tube station, it was in the perfect location, The Music Rooms, 26 South Molton Lane. An adorable quiet, little back street that I’ll certainly have to visit again as it had a few promising art galleries and antique dealerships that I’m curious to explore further. A nice break from the busy central Oxford Street.

I found the most fabulous jacket by Viktor & Rolf with a bit of fluff on the sleeves and chest and a bow tie that helped close the jacket in the neck. It was absolutely perfect except for the fact that I’d have to shrink myself in half to be able to fit it. Why?! Urgh, I guess that’s what you get when checking out a designer sample sale. At least no one can say that I didn’t try…

Other than the fabulous Viktor & Rolf jacket, the sale also featured big brands such as Vivienne Westwood, GianFranco Ferre, Margiela, Moschino, Sophia Kokosalaki, Dirk and many more.

A highlight for fellow shoe lovers would certainly be the gorgeous Betsey Johnson shoes that were well worth a look as one can never have too many heels that one doesn’t dare to wear.

One thing that I feel obligated to disclose is that you had to check your coat and bags upon entering so if that’s a deal breaker, be warned. The designer sample sale will be open again tomorrow from 10 am to 6 pm if you’d feel inclined to visit. If not this month, then there’s always next month but at the Chelsea Old Town Hall on May 25th, 26, 27.

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