Hampton Court Palace

Road trip! Took a short trip to the nearby Hampton Court Palace for a day of adventure and exploring. I’ve been very tempted to join their Salacious Gossip Tour as I absolutely adore hearing scandalous stories of life set in Baroque, Rococo court life. It’s a serious weakness of mine as I’ve even gone so far as to pick up a book by Antonia Fraser entitled Marie Antoinette, The Journey. I miss wandering the great halls of Versailles but for now Hampton Court will have to do as I’m no longer in Paris.

I walked a garden tour around the large grounds as the weather was perfect. My favorite area was without a doubt The Privy Garden. The stunning symmetrical patterns incorporate the original varieties of plants and marble sculptures as would have been seen back in the day. Love!

Drama! Instead of following the tempting Salacious Gossip Tour, I visited the lovely The Wild, the Beautiful, and the Damned exhibition which featured portraits of King Charles the II’s mistresses with stories of love and lust. Such juicy stories and stunning trophy portraits. A must see for anyone with the slightest interest in gorgeous portraiture or scandalous court affairs. Anyone seen The Tudors tv series? I have, and this is just as thrilling!

Yes, in conclusion this proved to be a very good palace to add to my vast pile of research for my own future palace or royal apartments.

Whole Foods Market

Yum! Took a trip to Whole Foods Market today in High Street Kensington and my conclusion is that I simply have to return. With an emphasis on quality standards and foods that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats, then you know that it’s worth the extra effort of traveling a little further. Their cheese room is absolutely divine and puts me right back in Italy with the various delicious cheeses and olives!

If you’re not a cheese enthusiast then there are plenty of other reasons to make the trip, for example, their to die for dessert counter will leave you drooling…

Feeling the Heat!

As the summer heat is quickly closing in, it proved extremely hot earlier this evening as I attended the Big British Bang Fashion Show at Selfridges.

A fabulous event previewing this season’s sexiest men’s underwear and swimwear collections over cocktails proved an absolute hit with everyone for obvious reasons. Gaping, drooling mouths seemed infectious; myself hardly an exception!

As promised…

Rawr! Like I said, a little bad ass right???

Here is a picture of my new très chic Comme des Garçons blazer, which I picked up at the Dover Street Market Museum event.

Granted, it’s a Homme blazer but c’est ne pas un problème. After the launch of the Versace for H & M collection I would see half of the guys around school rocking the printed silk mini skirts, so why not? At the DSM event, the women’s section was mainly racks of black, black, and then some more black clothes (yes, one of my favorite colors). But, instead of filling my already black wardrobe with more one-tone darkness I had an epiphany and was drawn to the fearless prints that were only featured in the men`s section.

Behind the Scenes – DSM

Yesterday I attended the three day event Dover Street Market Museum at Victoria House in Bloomsbury Square. In actual truth it was much more of a shopping festival with great discounts than a quiet, organized old museum. Anyone who imagines an ounce of glamour and elegance should forget all about it! Here is where true personalities show and the claws come out! Extreme chaos with people pushing, pulling and grabbing everything they can get their hands on. Clearly something which I have yet to master.

For those of you who aren’t that familiar with DSM it’s a concept store directed by none other than Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo. “I want to create a kind of market where various creators from various fields gather together and encounter each other in an ongoing atmosphere of beautiful chaos: the mixing up and coming together of different kindred souls who all share a strong personal vision.” -Rei Kawakubo

Featuring a selection of rather unique and fabulous statement designer pieces and labels such as COMME des GARÇONS, Celine, Martin Margiela, Jil Sander, Haider Ackermann, Alexander Wang, Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester and so many more, there’s no wonder, with a sale of 70 – 75 % off, that so many people showed up hoping to pick up some super stylish pieces. Me included. Manged to slowly make my way through the crowds and pick up a rather bad ass blazer that I’m absolutely in love with. Image of my brand new rock star COMME des GARÇONS blazer pending…


Today was the first day of the new Hermès exhibition Leather Forever and let me tell you that it was fantastic! Such a must see, it’s well worth the trip! With free entry I wasn’t expecting much, possibly a few pieces in a simple display window but I should have known better as it’s Hermès after all. Instead, it was an exclusive and spectacular show which even featured a few of their artisans working away on the latest Hermès designs. Literally bringing the factory to you so that the public could share the meticulous process, something which the brand is extremely proud of and with good reason too.

“It is by handling the finest leathers- chosen, cut, sewn and polished with expert skill that six generation have learned and passed on the values that inspire Hermès’ dynamism: attachment to quality, perfectionism (even in hidden details), and respect for time, all conjoined with creative verve”. No wonder why I fell in love with every trinket and handbag that I laid my eyes on. It’s by far one of my favorite brands so it was extra fun to learn more about their history, process, and iconic designs in such a lovely setting. This has certainly made my list of most magical exhibitions I’ve seen!

Central Saint Martins- Final Exhibition

Here as I promised, are some pictures of my space in the final Central Saint Martins exhibition. Drama! All of the prints are ones that I created myself and out of that styled this black and white psychedelic atmosphere that you see before you.