Christian Louboutin

When I first heard about this upcoming exhibition at the Design Museum, I was ecstatic and full of anticipation. Lucky for me, the just opened exhibition did not disappoint. It was a triumphant celebration of the amazing 20 year and counting career of French shoe designer Christian Louboutin and his unique journey. The atmosphere within the exhibition was fantastic with a bit of a circus, carnival theme with red carpets and interiors to match the iconic soles of Louboutin’s amazing creations. Shoe fetishists prepare yourselves because this is an event not to be missed! There is even a dedicated room, which must be a highlight for the true fetishists as it’s entitled the Fetish Room, d-r-a-m-a!

Not only were there enough shoes to convince you to take a much needed trip to the nearest Louboutin boutique to pick up some of his latest creations, but it was almost impossible to resist the urge to pet and try on the beautiful shoes on display. I really wish the exhibition would have doubled as a sort of pop-up store with the archived footwear as people would have been buying like crazy, me included of course! I loved the fact that there were also emphasis on Louboutin’s designs and sketches, which is essentially the foundation to any shoes. Conclusion: an absolute must see. You will never want to leave!

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