Sogetsu – Words into Flowers

Teshigahara Akane, head master of the Sogetsu School

Today I took a quick train ride to Shinjuku where I visited the lovely Takashimaya department store. It was hosting the latest Sogetsu Ikebana exhibition entitled ‘Words into Flowers’, which opened today. The exhibition was spectacular but I expected nothing less as I happen to know a darling that’s currently sweating the Ikebana flower arranging world and every week I get to see amazing creations and I’m blown away each time!

Sakaguchi Suikei

Masuda Seikin

Teshigahara Akane

The exhibition was divided into sections with 11 “words or phrases” acting as the focal point in which the exhibitors would express their own interpretation of the words and phrases into gorgeous flower arrangements. The visitors will similarly see the words and phrases in order to draw their own conclusions and experience a deeper appreciation for the arrangements. The exhibition was curated to perfection which also featured background music and lovely spotlights highlighting each individual work in the masterpiece ensemble. If you find yourself in Tokyo at the moment, it is an absolute must see and the perfect opportunity to emerge yourself in culture. If you can’t make it in person, hope you enjoy the photos!

Tomiishi Seibi

Tsuchiya Kisen


5 thoughts on “Sogetsu – Words into Flowers

  1. How amazing! Such work of art! I just browsed your blog, I looove your posts about Copenhagen! :) I just visit Cph for the first time and I’m completely in love with it! xxx

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