Häagen-Dazs Green Tea x Nicolai Bergmann

Had quite the experience as I decided to be adventurous and try my first Japanese green tea ice cream. Drama! I’m becoming a rather daring little darling. What inspired my bravery or rather curiosity was finding an article in the lovely flower magazine Hanajikan no.232 2012, showing a project by my friend, Danish flower wiz Nicolai Bergmann.

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I love green tea as a hot or cold beverage as it’s perfectly refreshing every time but experiencing it as an ice cream felt very unusual. Opening the lid, I was met by a dramatic green color which looked divine but also a little fierce. The ice cream was smooth and creamy while the slightly bitter undertone of the green tea could be tasted.

For now though, I think I’ll be staying clear of the green tea ice cream and play the traditionalist card by indulging in my new Häagen-Dazs favorite Caramel & Cookies Crunch Crêpe Glacé. However, it was an interesting experience as it’s one of the more popular flavors here in Tokyo.


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