The Bvlgari Dream

Shopping in the notorious luxury district Ginza, Tokyo can put quite the squeeze on your funds, especially when the object of one’s desire lays on a divine Bvlgari necklace with a price tag of 86,730,000 Japanese Yen. Yikes! Perhaps the only shopping I’ll be doing is window shopping but one can dream, right?

To coordinate with the necklace, these matching earrings are perfection. Price tag: 9,345,000 Japanese Yen, quite the bargain in comparison. It must be a dream to deal with precious darlings such as these on a daily basis.

The Bvlgari dream is Bvlgari everything! I have a special weakness for their Leoni and Monete collections.

I die! Their Mediterranean Eden jewelry collection is absolutely delicious, it is a colorful garden of precious symbols and materials. My birthday and Christmas wishlists are officially done, hurrah! Let s hope Santa’s feeling generous…


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