Hermès – エルメス

Visited the stylish Hermès boutique in Ginza where the white knight waving Hermés scarves greets you from the top of their very own building. He kind of looks like the French Napoleon riding his horse promoting the luxury brand. At 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, he is known as l´artificier.

This home away from home was created by architect Renzo Piano, who was inspired by Japanese lanterns. You might be surprised that an architect would go for a steel and glass construction in an unpredictable environment like Japan, where earthquakes and trembles are frequent features, but the building was constructed like a traditional anti-seismic structure, just like the old temples.

Inside, is a small lounge that’s hidden away in a secluded little corner of the otherwise vast boutique, which covers 6000m2. Dark and sophisticated, the lounge features a bar with chairs and comfortable club chairs in trademark Hermès leather.

With a selective menu featuring mainly drinks, I opted for a freshly squeezed healthy orange juice and chocolates. Unlike Gucci café, Hermès didn’t have the option of picking up one of their orange boxes filled with super chic chocolates to take on the go.

Tempted by the real thing? If your wallet has dried up, these miniature chocolates of the iconic Hermès Kelly handbag might have to do the trick. A very stylish and delicious treat, don´t you think?


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