Sushi すし and Other Delicacies

The truth is that creating your very own sushi meal from scratch doesn’t have to be all that difficult. However, if you’re craving simplicity, the best bet is heading out to your nearest sushi joint. In the land of sushi (Tokyo, Japan), getting your hands on delicious おにぎりonigiri (rice ball) is as easy as finding your closest 7/11 or family mart and there are entire sections dedicated to stocking a selection of authentic rice and seaweed meals.  

An example of an obento box that can be found at the local supermarket. Includes crab meat, caviar, rice, whipped egg, fried in the shape of tagliatelli, seaweed and algae.

Pickled ginger, which is typically found on the side with wasabi and soy sauce. Ps. I’m not a fan but I do love my soy sauce.

Grilled chicken skewers with leek.

A classic, which also happens to be my favorite, kapamaki. Ingredients include sea weed, Japanese sushi rice and cucumber.

How to steps:

1. boil Japanese sushi rice according to instructions on box

2. take a sheet of sea weed and place it on a sushi mat made out of bamboo (could use a kitchen towel instead for improv)

3. spread an even layer of boiled rice onto the sheet of sea weed according to your taste (0.5 – 1 cm)

4. add your own topping as a strip in the middle, could include anything from vegetables to fish

5. roll the bamboo mat with sea weed including rice and topping into a tight roll

6. slice into even sushi bits and serve on a fabulous plate with iced green tea, wasabi, soy sauce, and gari, pickled ginger

7. いただきます itadakimasu or bon appétit!


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