The Chinese Pavilion – Kina Slott

As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to take an inspired visit to the Chinese Pavilion located in the surrounding park of the larger Drottningholm Palace. Just because I was born in Stockholm, Sweden doesn’t mean that I’m not a tourist who tends to keep my eyes wide open and camera in hand while marching onwards to the beautiful sites.

This darling mini palace, in a Chinoiserie and Rococo style, was given as a surprise birthday present to Queen Lovisa Ulrika in 1753 from her husband, King Adolf Fredrik. I thought it would be fun to see not only due to it’s lovely decor, but also as I feel I have a personal connection to the Chinese and Japanese styles after having lived there most of my life. It’s also part of UNESCO’s World Heritage program.

I keenly signed up for a guided tour of the charming palace that revealed facts and drew my eyes and ears to areas that otherwise might have been overlooked. An example of this was the whispering wall where the acoustics in the room would lead vicious gossip right into the ears of fellow courtiers standing on the opposite side of the room. Drama!

I’m ready to ditch my current abodes and move in permanently into this darling palace. However, there is no electricity, plumbing, heating, water, kitchen facilities or bathroom, dear me!


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