Safari in My Backyard

Stayed home today and I’d like to say that I was just relaxing and taking it easy but instead, I decided to get down and dirty by working the afternoon in the garden. Drama, it really is a jungle out there! Felt like I had gone rogue and was on an episode of Man vs. Wild as seen on the Discovery Channel. Quite a humbling experience and a change from city life, as I’ve had several nervous breakdowns today after a single afternoon of interaction. The images might look serene and peaceful but don’t kid yourselves as danger lurks in the grass. Previous encounters prove otherwise.

Enjoyed a glass of Äppelmust from the gardens of Drottningholm and Tullgarn Palace. The glass, a stylish statement piece that I recently acquired, is called “Sugar Dandy” and was designed by Åsa Jungnelius for Kosta Boda.

Watching the deadly lion ready to pounce from its natural habitat. I can’t help but think of the song In the Jungle from The Lion King.


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