Robert Mapplethorpe at 西武

Headed over to Shibuya’s Seibu department store where I stumbled upon a Robert Mapplethorpe flowers exhibition. Here, oddly enough it’s not that unusual to find art exhibitions at large luxurious department stores such as Takashimaya, Mitsukoshi, or Seibu. Last summer, I enjoyed the Mapplethorpe exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden at the Fotografiska Musuem which, featured amazing portraits, still lifes, and nudes.

The beautiful black and white flower photographs were made extra intense against the dark backdrop of the exhibition.

Art meets life with these Mapplethorpe themed garments featuring the photographer’s motifs.

The exhibition was as lovely as I had expected. Robert Mapplethorpe is such a fabulous genius! Each photograph heightens the natural beauty of the flowers featured through a terrific choice of form, light, and contrast. I got so inspired that I picked up the exhibition book Mapplethorpe The Complete Flowers, although way too heavy to carry around for my shopping spree…

Masaya Kushino at 西武

Japanese shoe designer Masaya Kushino (串野真也) is proving himself quite the hot topic with exhibitions at both Neutron Tokyo gallery and also at the department store Seibu (西武) in Shibuya, Tokyo. However, there’s no question why, as his shoes are absolute showstoppers. I can’t help but love his delicious baroque themed heels with feathers and laces.

Creating a real life living and breathing shoe in his recent project Reborn, Masaya Kushino explores both nature and its life cycle. Fierce! Enjoy…

Technology is the key to this intense shoe. Using a 3D projector, an image of the moon rotates around the shoe to create this incredibly lifelike image.

Masaya Kushino at Neutron Tokyo

Queen of Shine, by Kushino Masaya, 2012.

Prepare yourselves shoe fetishists! Wasting no time here in Tokyo, Japan, I stopped by the super cool exhibition Queen Masaya Kushino at one of my favorite galleries Neutron Tokyo. Earlier this summer, I also saw their Antideath exhibition, featuring skull artist Kazumichi Maruoka’s latest works.

Photograph: Queen of Shine, by Miyahara Muga, 995.6 x 160 mm, 2012.

Queen of the Earth, by Kushino Masaya, 2012.

Masaya Kushino, is the Kyoto-based “it” shoe designer, whose shoes have adorned feet like Lady Gaga’s. These are the results of his experimentation with ‘Shoe Art’. Fierce, don’t you think?

Queen of the War, (crocodile and fox) by Kushino Masaya, 2012.

“The motive for my creation is very subjective, but it always gets changed in the working process. My policy is; my creations should be its own art! Not something that is captive of fashion’s notion. For me, it is very important that something can be worn by a person such as fashion items, ‘including’ elements like a sculpture or an art object”. – Masaya Kushino

I’m lovin’ it! These fierce Queen of War heels stole my heart. Which is your favorite pair?

Detail of Queen of Ice, Kushino Masaya, 2012.

Queen of Dark, by Kushino Masaya, 2012. Totally wearable… but makes my Miu MIu party shoes look like the perfect match for a tidy elementary school party.

Jigokudayu, by Kushino Masaya, 2012.

Skull Bag, by Kushino Masaya, 2012.

Proving himself as a man of many talents, Kushino also creates these terrifically fun skull bags.

Horse Skull Bag, by Kushino Masaya, 2012.

If you’d find yourself in Tokyo, you should definitely stop by the gallery to see the fabulous exhibition, but hurry as it ends September 2nd! Enjoy!

Price range: photographs around ¥682,500, shoes: ¥420,000 – ¥840,000,                  bags: ¥64,000 upwards

Københavns Lufthavne

Københavns Lufthavne (Copenhagen’s Airport) feels much less like an airport than it does a shopping mall. Packed with designer labels in every corner, it can be a challenging place to navigate, especially for the wallet…  Lucky me, as I’ve been here countless times before I know where to go to make the most of it.

Before making my way to the gate, I tend to stop by these Danish highlights: Malene Birger, Georg Jensen, Illums Bolighus, Royal Copenhagen, Pilgrim, etc. A mandatory trip past Starbucks is also essential as who can imagine flying without a cup of their mocha frappuccino blend! Tokyo, next stop!


Took the ghost train arriving at Nørreport station. Such a hardcore and creepy railway station, just take a look! It was smoky like crazy and almost impossible to breathe. Think I’ve just become a victim of an Alfred Hitchcock film.

Hung out at Strøget, downtown Copenhagen where I visited my favorite Illums Bolighus boutique and numerous other shops. I love the architecture in this town, living through various époques but all in the present.

Shirt being rocked by my super stylish sister is a linnea original, linneabylinneanilsson oooo!

Copenhagen on the Go

Hej, hvordan går det? Take a load off and enjoy the magical, mythical atmosphere of Tage Andersen’s flower, life style boutique in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I had a few hours to kill before catching a transfer flight at Københavns lufthavne and instead of sitting around the lounge, I decided to hit the town. This was at the top of my to do list.

The fairytale atmosphere is completed by the inclusion of exquisite, live, tropical birds cooing in the background to the classical music.

Hanging with Tage Andersen in his studio.

If you ever find yourself wandering around Copenhagen then Tage Andersen’s boutique is the perfect place to stop by and be whisked away into another world.

Up in the Air

Hej då Sverige! It time to say goodbye to Stockholm as I’m now heading back over to Tokyo. But before reaching my final destination, I’ll be making a quick pit stop in Copenhagen, Denmark to enjoy the city. What to you think of the view from the Scandinavian Airlines’ bathroom?

Steninge Palace

Stopped by my imaginary lover’s palace, Steninge Slott belonging to the late darling Axel von Fersen. Move over Marie Antoinette, I think I’d settle down nicely in this stylish mansion.

The view was spectacular, with the water coming straight up by the palace garden. My need for symmetry has been fully satisfied by yet another trip to a fabulous palace property. But the hunt continues…

What’s that I spot, a dark and reclusive love grotto? Ooolala, how scandalous!

In the Baroque gardens there was a monument honoring the life and unjust death of Axel von Fersen, probably best known internationally for his love affair with the French queen Marie Antoinette.

Tullgarn Palace

Another day, another palace to enjoy. Welcome to the ever so stylish Tullgarn Palace! Enjoy!

Beware of the dog.

Little known fact but, the gift stores are filled with their own little treasures. Not only dashing postcards of the stylish interiors and dapper portraits seen inside but it also happens to be my source for regal “äppelmust” in Swedish, apple juice. Yum!

If I was… King for a Day.