Skokloster Castle

Hello my dashing darlings, took a trip to the dramatic baroque castle Skokloster, only a short car ride away from the capital Stockholm.

The fierce castle was built between 1654 and 1676 and has been more or less untouched for more than 300 years. I absolutely adore the authentic atmospheres that come with these beautiful historical excursions. The gossip of the elite and filthy rich can also prove rather intriguing.

With each castle and palace that I visit, I always note the lovely ornaments and interiors, trying to take as much inspiration for my own little palace.

The banqueting hall remains unfinished and untouched since the death of Skokloster’s owner General Carl Gustaf Wrangel, who died in 1676. Tools and other building equipment remain in the exact same condition as the builders left it the day Wrangel died. This was out of fear that they would never get paid.

The armory is located at the top of castle and consists of three rooms worth of weapons including a kayak, Native American artifacts, stuffed exotic animals, a hammock and other toys, gadgets and showpieces of the time. It represented a farrago of everything that Man and Nature were capable of achieving.


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