Rosersberg Palace & Picnic

Stopped by Rosersberg palace to enjoy a tour of the beautiful interiors, the view and enjoy a picnic in the palace park. An extravagant excursion. I’d love to share some images of the divine decor but sadly photography was not permitted.

I made a new friend during my adventures, this adorable furry little baby calf. Far too cute!

Luxury picnic that consisted of homemade ciabatta sandwiches with a filling of smoked turkey, lettuce, Brie le rustique, and Vacherol cheese, served with cucumber sticks. Yum!

Enjoyed a bottle of La Mortuacienne Citron, Reine des Limonades.

The homemade pie made from apples from my apple tree turned out delicious. Recipe in previous post. Give it a try and enjoy!


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