Masaya Kushino at Neutron Tokyo

Queen of Shine, by Kushino Masaya, 2012.

Prepare yourselves shoe fetishists! Wasting no time here in Tokyo, Japan, I stopped by the super cool exhibition Queen Masaya Kushino at one of my favorite galleries Neutron Tokyo. Earlier this summer, I also saw their Antideath exhibition, featuring skull artist Kazumichi Maruoka’s latest works.

Photograph: Queen of Shine, by Miyahara Muga, 995.6 x 160 mm, 2012.

Queen of the Earth, by Kushino Masaya, 2012.

Masaya Kushino, is the Kyoto-based “it” shoe designer, whose shoes have adorned feet like Lady Gaga’s. These are the results of his experimentation with ‘Shoe Art’. Fierce, don’t you think?

Queen of the War, (crocodile and fox) by Kushino Masaya, 2012.

“The motive for my creation is very subjective, but it always gets changed in the working process. My policy is; my creations should be its own art! Not something that is captive of fashion’s notion. For me, it is very important that something can be worn by a person such as fashion items, ‘including’ elements like a sculpture or an art object”. – Masaya Kushino

I’m lovin’ it! These fierce Queen of War heels stole my heart. Which is your favorite pair?

Detail of Queen of Ice, Kushino Masaya, 2012.

Queen of Dark, by Kushino Masaya, 2012. Totally wearable… but makes my Miu MIu party shoes look like the perfect match for a tidy elementary school party.

Jigokudayu, by Kushino Masaya, 2012.

Skull Bag, by Kushino Masaya, 2012.

Proving himself as a man of many talents, Kushino also creates these terrifically fun skull bags.

Horse Skull Bag, by Kushino Masaya, 2012.

If you’d find yourself in Tokyo, you should definitely stop by the gallery to see the fabulous exhibition, but hurry as it ends September 2nd! Enjoy!

Price range: photographs around ¥682,500, shoes: ¥420,000 – ¥840,000,                  bags: ¥64,000 upwards


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