Robert Mapplethorpe at 西武

Headed over to Shibuya’s Seibu department store where I stumbled upon a Robert Mapplethorpe flowers exhibition. Here, oddly enough it’s not that unusual to find art exhibitions at large luxurious department stores such as Takashimaya, Mitsukoshi, or Seibu. Last summer, I enjoyed the Mapplethorpe exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden at the Fotografiska Musuem which, featured amazing portraits, still lifes, and nudes.

The beautiful black and white flower photographs were made extra intense against the dark backdrop of the exhibition.

Art meets life with these Mapplethorpe themed garments featuring the photographer’s motifs.

The exhibition was as lovely as I had expected. Robert Mapplethorpe is such a fabulous genius! Each photograph heightens the natural beauty of the flowers featured through a terrific choice of form, light, and contrast. I got so inspired that I picked up the exhibition book Mapplethorpe The Complete Flowers, although way too heavy to carry around for my shopping spree…


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