Idol, Project Store & Lounge

Idol Tokyo Project Shop

Swung by the project store, lounge and restaurant Idol Tokyo, hidden away in Minami Aoyama’s Kotto-dori (antique street), to check out their latest selection of products and try their pub like food and drinks menu.

Idol Tokyo Project Shop

Idol Tokyo Project Shop

St. Tokyo featured a selection of fabulous ready-to-wear clothes, Byredo Parfums, and some very neon technology cases for iPads and cellphones so fierce and electric that you think you’d be able to charge them without even using cables and wires.

Idol Tokyo Project Shop

Linnea Nilsson, Shinichiro Hamajima at Idol Tokyo

Necklace: linneabylinneanilsson Collection: Memento Mori

Me with Shinichiro Hamajima, junior creative director at Hologram inc,

Idol proved more than just a concept or project store as it had a bit of everything with a photo studio in commission, night club/party venues, a restaurant/café/lounge, foosball, and magazines to entertain with.

Idol Tokyo Project Shop

Idol Tokyo Restaurant

Idol Tokyo Restaurant

The food menu, entirely in Japanese, proved a tad bit difficult to read since I’m still a bit rusty. But, if you’re interested in grabbing a quick drink in an interesting atmosphere, the drinks menu was in English.

Idol Tokyo

Idol Tokyo Restaurant

I enjoyed a deliciously refreshing Ty Nant sparkling water with a sausage plate and some french fries on the side.

Idol Tokyo Restaurant

For more info about Idol, check out the following link : Idol Tokyo


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