Diesel Art Gallery, 最新アート情報

Black Rose, Ayami Nishimura by RANKIN Make Up

Nails: Mike Pocock @Streeters London, Headpiece: Ayami Nishimura, Model: Sophie D @ Models 1.

Heard about a fabulous but small exhibition taking place at the Diesel’s Shibuya store here in Tokyo, Japan and simply had to stop by and see for myself. They are currently exhibiting over 20 prints showing the extraordinary work of Japanese make up artist Ayami Nishimura and British photographer Rankin. A fierce combination that could also be viewed in the gorgeous book Ayami Nishimura by Rankin.

Diesel Art Gallery, 最新アート情報, Shibuya

The make-up was very dramatic and a bit reminiscent of traditional 歌舞伎 (kabuki) make-up with its bold black eyebrows, red accents and painted white faces. Hmmm, perhaps not for the faint hearted to try. Halloween instead maybe?


The Diesel Shibuya Store that doubles as an art gallery in the back of the lower ground floor.

Stop by and be impressed while enjoying this great source of inspiration, if not, you could also take a sneak peak here: Dazed Digital or here: Beauty Stylish

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