Fall Fashion for Pet Pooches

Captured these photos just before I headed back to London. Thought of Erica who visits my blog every now and then. She designs for dogs. For those of you who regard dogs as hmm just dogs, let me tell you, that is so not Tokyo style…

Just check out this window: For doggie you can purchase his own exclusive closet, nice tailor made hangers, diaper bags, a pram for when his feet, sorry, I mean paws get tired and hurt, little boots and various collections of only the latest fashion clothing.

Yup, and manicure, pedicure (even nail polish on the nails, or if you prefer to call them claws, yikes!) as well as all treatments spa and beauty related take place at salons around the city. We are not talking doggie here but status symbol and babies, little furry humans, even a conversation piece/opener. Just hot glue gun him to your Derek Lam headband!

Pram and doggie’s travel bag, in which he travels in style of course.

Party anyone? With Halloween around the corner (Tokyo always starts redecorating early), doggie probably needs a new outfit and what better than to transform him into a pumpkin? Mmm ♪ whatcha say?

Want to read more about behind the scene, check out this link: Why Japan Prefers Pets to Parenthood.


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