Shop Names in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan (Shibuya, Omotesando)

Coming back to London, it just hit me that stores around me tend to be named in a rather conventional manner. Shopping in Tokyo on the other hand, can be quite the experience. This little pasttime kick might even put a smile on our faces, but let me be clear –  that’s rarely because of the price tags!

Freak's Store (フリークスストア) Tokyo

Tell me, aren’t we all dreaming about trotting those streets with a bag screaming Freak’s Store (フリークスストア) or Rude Gallery (ルードギャラリ)? These fantasy filled bags are sure to make a statement, if not with all so at least among English speaking people. If the thought of what these bags hide or what these stores stock would cross your mind, you’ll probably be surprised, or even disappointed, to find that they aren’t anything to get overly excited about since the names only refer to modern clothing boutiques.

Freak's Store (フリークスストア) Tokyo

Spotted this bag on the subway and later ran into this… No whips, chains or rubber garments, just the average, typical girly Tokyo boutique.

Freak's Store (フリークスストア) Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan (Shibuya, Omotesando)

Rude Galllery (ルードギャラリ) Tokyo

Skullcandy (スカルキャンディ) Tokyo

Skullcandy (スカルキャンディ), a Utah based company known for their headphones, and Pigsty & Used Clothing, are just another couple of interesting names, both, or rather all, from the same tiny shopping street that runs between Shibuya and Omotesando.

Pigsty & Used Clothing (ピグスティ) Tokyo

Ever had issues with second hand shopping?

Pigsty & Used Clothing (ピグスティ) Tokyo


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